Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Arizona BJJ State Championships

 Shannon The Cannon Is known in the MMA world with over 200 professional cage fights and a 6x world champion/He is a Pride Veteran, K-1, veteran and Pancrase Veteran. 
He is making his mark in the JIU-JITSU world as well. 2009 US Open Champion 3x NAGA Gi and No Gi Champion and now the 2014 Arizona State JIU-JITSU Champion! Black Belt Men's Division...
The Cannon is a Black Belt under Dan Gonzales who is a Black Belt under Carlos Machado! Shannon The Cannon was promoted to Black Belt in 2007- 
Under the Machado Banner- 
It is a way of life. The Cannon is the BJJ instructor and MMA fight team coach at the UFC Gym Glendale, Arizona if you would like to train. (RCJ Machado For Life)