Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Age is just a number

Age is Just a NUMBER  and his number is 48 ! He is the oldest active Bare Knuckle Boxer,
He started fighting Professional in 1991- it was Mexico where they had dogs fight - Chickens fight
Then the people would fight. Bare knuckle no rules no rounds no weight class - that’s how it started for this Ultimate Athlete - fighting Bare Kncukle is nothing new for “The Cannon” from fighting traditional Leithway kickboxing in BURMA,  No Gloves Bare Knuckle Vale Tudo In Mexico, to Bare Knuckle Boxing all over the USA and England. He is 25-3-0 ranked by the oldest boxing magazine “Police Gazett “ he is # 2 in the world and #1in the USA.
The Cannon is fighting live on PPv - Feb 02 live from Cancun Mexico/ www.Bareknuckle.tv
The Cannon will have Jorge Braga Mexico’s top Trainer and gym owner from the Yucatán city of Merida in his corner as well as UFC trainer and Coach Luis Grasso from Mexico. His 3rd and Chief 2nd will be non other than BIG Joe Mack- Mack has been involved in Bare Knuckle Boxing for years and gloved boxing his entire life. The Cannon will have a lot of experience in his corner as he fights Mexico’s native son Omar Molina. Molina is a Boxer / Kickboxer and even has some professional MMA fights.
The Cannon says - “ AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AND HIS NUMBER IS 48” at almost 50 yrs The Cannon has been fighting longer than most fighters have even been alive - fighting Guys half his age has just been the NORM. Staying in shape, training hard, and never stopping is the key to a long active career. The Cannon has no plans on stopping anytime soon ! He is in great shape and ready to go and show the WORLD older guys are just as good !!!
The Cannon has fought all over the world, Japan- Russia-China- Burma- Singapore-Thailand-Romania - Canada- Mexico- Puerto Rico- Hawaii - and out of all the places in the world where does he feel most comfortable? MEXCIO - because he says he has fights there so many times he has built up a wonderful  fan base and he loves the Mexican people ! Plus anytime you can fight near the BEACH it’s just a nice time to recharge your battery as the waves come up on the beach ! Fun in the sun !!!
The Cannon is really looking forward to this Bare Knuckle International SUPERFIGHT Title!
The Cannon wanted to say he is proud of all the support he is getting from fans all over the world but most of all his hometown of Coolidge Az ! He is fighting for all the small town kids in Pinal County to show them anything is possible - just because you are from a small town doesn’t mean you are small town ! His quote has always been. -
Please watch the live PPv this sat feb 02 live from Cancun Mexico. The Cannon wanted to say thank you to all the staff at BKFC - and a special thank you to the promoter and brain child of Bringing Bare Knuckle Boxing Back to the main public eye Mr Dave Feldman ! He had a dream and he worked very hard for many years to see it come true ! Believe in your dreams !!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Feb 02 Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Feb 02, 2019 In Cancún Mexico. Bare knuckle Fighting Championship will be headed INTERNATIONAL. Representing USA is Shannon The Cannon Ritch- he will be facing Mexican Kickboxer and Boxer Omar Molina. This fight will be for an INTERNATIONAL SUPERFIGHT TITLE- the event can be seen on PPV www.bareknuckle.tv the fight card will be STACKED with UFC veterans superstars - Joe Riggs, Julian Lane, Bec Rawlings, Leonard Garcia to name a few.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Next Up USA Vs Mexico Bare Knuckle Boxing feb 02

Next up for Shannon The Cannon Ritch - Feb 02 Bare Knuckle Boxing for BKFC This fight will  take place in Cancun Mexico, Vs a Local Mexican Boxer. This Event is Being billed USA vs MEXICO. The Cannon is 25-3-0 with (25 wins via KO) he was ranked #1 in the USA and #2 in the world rankings via the Police Gazette Magazine. The Cannon Was also inducted into the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall Of Fame for the 2017 Class/ This event can be seen on regular Pay Per View , or with this link www.bareknuckle.tv At the age of 48 yrs The Cannon has had an amazing fight career - he is the ULTIMATE ATHLETE Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, BKB, Muay Thai, MMA it doesn’t matter he does it all. Www.bareknuckle.tv

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Sept 2, 2017 Shenzhen China two of the best fighters stepped into the Rebel Fc Cage. Veteran Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch 8x World Champion vs Liu Wenbo #1 Ranked China fighter. Champion Boxer and Kickboxer.
this fight was Scheduled for the Light Heavyweight division 205 lbs / 93Kg
The fight started with both fighters throwing amazing non stop punching IE: Pride Style of DON FRYE, these guys were bringing it. During the first round "The Cannon" was able to withstand the punching power of WENBO, The Cannon got the takedown and began to put on an ELBOW clinic. These elbow strikes left a nasty cut over the eye brow of WENBO and the fight was STOPPED to have the CUT looked at by the Doctor. The doctor said he would let the fight continue, At this point both fighters were gassed out and were fighting on heart. The fight continued and The Cannon got another takedown and again started ground and pound, The Cut opens again and WENBO got a reversal. At this point The Cannon could not withstand the Vicious Ground and Pound by WENBO, which led to the REF to stop the fight due to punches.
to watch this fight click on this link-

The FIGHT was Fight Of The NIGHT!!! It looks like a RE-MATCH has to happen!! During the BREAK in Action, the CUT- Man attended to WENBO wiping off the blood and stopping the BLOOD, WHICH is a foul, and this action should of left the fight a win for THE CANNON~!
Because of the controversy there has to be a RE-MATCH ~! both fighters have agreed and now wait for the PROMOTION of REBEL FC to make it HAPPEN~! I'm sure it will be another amazing fight and of course another FOT. FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

TEAM USA - Headed to fight in CHINA

Most Active MMA fighter in the World -
is not ready to slow down. He is headed to China
July 25th for a HUGE PRESS CONFERENCE ~!
The Contract is Signed - after the Presser we will let everyone
know who The Cannon will be fighting and what company has signed him.
big shout out to www,elitesports.com for being one of The Cannon's main sponsors.

Stay tuned for more to come!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Elite Sports

Shannon "The Cannon" is now sponsored by the premier BJJ gi company
In the world. www.elitesports.com
All Cannonbjj.com students are new wearing the amazing Elite Gis.
For competition or training this light weight combat action gi is the one
I choose.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Cannonbjj one of the top schools n Arizona

Shannon "The Cannon" has made a name in MMA, Kickboxing, Bare Knuckle Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His real talent is TEACHING, his students are tearing it up all over the country collecting medals - California, Texas, Las Vegas some of the biggest BJJ Tourneys out there PANs, Worlds, IBJJF Nationals, Bjj World Leauge- 
One of his top students and assistant instructor is Blue Belt Garrett Flanders, he is out there putting it on the line day in and day out huge congrats to him. 
New students are getting wins also - 
Jessy McCurry is another top stand out at Cannon Bjj - she is 12 and an orange belt yet she usually competes with older teens and even woman in the blue belt division, racking up wins and gaining a ton of experience. 
Cannonbjj has several top students Kaylan, Kendrick, Joey, Mikey, the Twins,
Jullian, Jayden, Peyton, Anabel, 

Cannonbjj is proud of all the students, they are all putting in work and gaining experience in Bjj but also in life! Truly amazing that in only 1 year and half Cannonbjj is one of the top Schools in Arizona! One of the best kids programs in the state.