Sunday, September 25, 2011

VII A.D. Custom Jewlery / sponsor

VII A.D. Custom Jewlery Designs are some of the most Famous Designs worn by the most Famous / From Movie stars / to TV stars, Professional Athletes to yours truly. Please go to the website and look at the awesome collection they have to offer. They have the right price to fit everyones budget.

VII A.D.’s mission is to bring high quality, unique silver pieces into an overcrowded market of mass-produced, homogenized jewelry lines. VII A.D. was born for the sophisticated, cutting-edge individual with a bite.

Founder of VII A.D. is Gemologist, Master Craftsman and Artist, Sevan Avakian. Sevan is credited with over 27 years industry experience as a designer, Master Craftsman, Master Platinumsmith and Master Metalsmith.

When Sevan is not at his workbench with loud music and Turkish coffee in hand you’ll find him enjoying time with his wife and VII A.D. Co-founder, Barbara Avakian, and their three children. Over the past year, VII A.D. has become an active sponsor participant in UFC, Bellator and Strikeforce. VII A.D. is extremely proud of its sponsored fighters and feels very fortunate for the opportunity to align with such skilled and disciplined athletes.