Friday, June 28, 2013

200th Professional MMA Fight!

Shannon The Cannon Ritch is the "Most Active MMA Fighter in the World! After a career that has spanned over 22 years this mile stone is fast approaching - aug 9th at Ft McDowell Casino, Arizona- The Cannon will fight his 200th ProFessional MMA Fight! With an incredible record of 110-87-2 / the last 7 have all been wins, and 4 have been Title fights! The Cannon is on fire, at age 42, he has hit his prime!! Training at UFC Gym in Glendale, Az he finally has the right training camp, the right training partners and is in the best shape in a long time. Aug 9th will be history! The 200th fight of a 22 year career! Thanks to all the Sponsors! Rage In The Cage, King Of The Cage,
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Bondi / Australian Premium Beer, VII A.D,
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Eruption Clothing, Jon Mots, Tommy Martin,  and his Beautiful Wife Lara!!